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News from the Nursery October 2017

The winter was mild, cloudy, so the plants are struggled for daylight. In early March the Disas had started to produce buds. Sunshine was required to encourage new growth. A weak liquid feed was given. Late March and most of April was dull with cold nights, which slowed down bud development and growth. We had only three Disas in flower for Raby in early May. Plant stems seem to have grown very long, due to the low light levels.
Then came Sonny June, when temperatures soared and flowers appeared and opened at a rapid rate. The colours are magnificent, really vibrant and inspiring.
We have unfortunately had to withdraw our entry from Hampton Court show, due to family reasons please accept our apologies.
Many new Disa seedlings starting to flower some look very promising.

Our outdoor area of self seeded Dactyloriza are growing well with over 40 spikes of flowers ranging in colour from pale pink to purple.

We have had an abundance of wild birds using the feeders in the garden during winter and spring. Long-tailed tits have enjoyed the peanuts, as well as the Blue Tits and many Goldfinches are still feeding on the Niger seed.

Blackbirds, Wrens and Robins have all nested in the greenhouses. Sparrows and Swallows nesting in the sheds. Little owls are still calling close by. Bats are still enjoying the warm evenings what a lovely abundance of wildlife we have.