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Remove faded and dead flowers, leaving the stem, as this needs to recycle its nutrients into the new growth - just like a Daffodil.

Remove any broken or decaying leaves. Check the plant for aphids, spray with insecticide if required.

In early autumn as new growths are forming, a quarter strength liquid feed, high nitrogen or seaweed can be added to the water in the container. Do not overfeed.

Keep plants wet, do not let them dry out, but try to avoid the plant being too humid, as this encourages bacterial rots, Disas like fresh air.

If new growths are large enough, they can be divided and repotted into peat/perlite mix or sphagnum moss. Plants can also be moved into a larger pot. although we prefer to leave them until early spring.

In very late autumn/ early winter the old sten can be removed.

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